Le Soccer! Football with London's Swiss fans

Monday, June 16, 2008

Last night, I was supporting the Swiss at London's Swiss Church which is in Covent Garden.

Swiss football fans, London
A church isn't the first place you'd think of to watch football, but the Swiss TV was on, and fans had gathered.

It was a remarkably gentle and good-natured affair. The Swiss's good shots were applauded politely, and likewise for their goalkeeper's saves.
  • The first Swiss goal was celebrated with flag waving and cheering, with one woman jogging on the spot and yodelling. The second goal was politely applauded, while a few people chanted "Hopp Schwiiz!"
  • My favourite player was Tranquillo Barnetta. More men should be called Tranquillo.
  • This Swiss Milk ad made me laugh also.