Viva Espana

Monday, June 30, 2008

Hurrah for Spain winning Euro 2008, their first big tournament win for yonks. In celebration, and as the sun is shining, here's some of the best Spanish pop tunes.

Rosa, from 2002 Eurovision, and soon to represent Spain at the Eurovision Dancing Contest, singing her ace Más. Look at her go! High-kick-tastic!

Next, partly inspired by the lovely Spanish players Casillas and Fabregas, here are Nash with their two beautiful members.

Spanish pop classic Hijo de la Luna by Mecano given an even more latin twist.

Chenoa, who came third to Rosa in Spain's Eurovision selection, had the last laugh with Cuando Tu Vas, the Spanish summer song of 2002.

And finally, La Casa Azul with La Revolucion Sexual, one of the runner-up songs from this year's Spanish Eurovision selection.