Calcio! Football with London's Italian fans

Monday, June 09, 2008

In 2006, I loved following World Cup matches in London with fans of the countries playing. I went to a bar in Chelsea with Croatians, a bar in Fitzrovia which was supposed to, but didn't, have Czechs, and a great Ukrainian social club.

This time round, it's Euro 2008: like Eurovision, but with less songs and more men in shorts.

Tonight I went to the Italian Cultural Institute. All Italy's matches are being shown, with the institute teaching us 'how to be Italian'. This involved drinking Peroni beer, Italian ice-cream and sorbet, and, er, Walkers crisps.

There weren't many Italians, except for one man who asked me for the time in Italian, a nice middle-aged old lady who clapped and tutted, and a fit young Italian guy (below) who was really into the match.
Italian football fan

There were also some rowdy drunk types who were supporting Holland, which was a bit ungracious.

Italy were trounced 3-0, by the Dutch, but won with fashion. Their azure blue kit (rather than the Dutch orange) comes about as it was a traditional colour of the dynasty which unified Italy in 1860.


JuiceMag said...

The result really shocked me!!! How come the world champion lost 3-0 in such a big event!?!?!