Belgrade Calling (and Ljubljana, and Zagreb)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Like Azerbaijan and San Marino, this year I'm going to Eurovision for the first time. I leave tomorrow for Belgrade, going on a slightly circuitous route by stopping off in Ljubljana and Zagreb first. I'm all kinds of excited: I'm attending both semi-finals, so watch out for me waving my flag.

I intend being a complete euro-celeb-star-spotter - Charlotte Perrelli is my main target right now.

But before I go, we still have the vote for the most popular Irish eurovision song, and next week, I'll do a little Eurovision round-up.


Wapping Psycho said...

Good luck in Belgrade - am very jealous!

Melodimen said...

Have a great time!

Era stupendo - or it will be!

Tinsie said...

I watched Eurovision live in Athens a few years ago and it was awesome! Hope you had a great time in Belgrade et al.